Authentic Charred Oak Aging Barrel - Age Your Own Spirits - Natural Oak With Black Hoops - from Skeeter's Reserve Outlaw Gear™ - MADE BY American Oak Barrel™

American Oak Aging Barrels

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Accelerated Barrel Aging
Aging barrel enhances spirits 10x faster due to increased surface to volume ratio. Enjoy great tasting spirits in weeks, not years!

Age Your Own Spirits
Stop paying the distillery to age your spirits when you can do it yourself at substantial $$$avings | 6 sizes to accommodate any lifestyle.  Available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 & 20 liter sizes.

Everything You Need
Handcrafted Charred Oak Aging Barrel, Bung, Spigot, Aging Stand, Funnels, Storing Tablets, Instruction Card.

Easy To Use
Simply cure it, fill it with your favorite bottle of spirit, age to taste and enjoy

Certified Genuine American Oak Barrel™ Product
Buy With Confidence | Built, sold and serviced by our company American Oak Barrel™ | 90 Day Oak Barrel Warranty | Guaranteed To Seal Or We'll Replace It Hassle Free | Responsive Customer Care Team for help setting up and maintaining your barrel at 941-227-7357.