Infusion Humidor Cigar Barrel

Infusion Humidor Cigar Barrel™ - Golden Tequila

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Cigar Size Guide

  • 2 Liter Size - Perfect For Robusto Cigars & Smaller Sizes
  • 3 Liter Size - Perfect For Toro/Torpedo Cigars & Smaller Sizes
  • 5 Liter Size - Perfect For Churchill Cigars & Smaller Sizes

All Sizes Work Great With Pipe Tobacco!

Perfect Pairings
Infuse Golden Tequila Flavor Into Your Cigars | The Longer They Age, The Better They Taste!

Easy To Use
Shock the barrel with included Skeeter's Reserve™ Premium Essence, add your cigars & included Humistick, secure the lid for 7 - 10 Days & fire up the flavor!

Kit Includes:
Charred Oak Cigar Barrel, Cork Lid with Stylish Handle, 21st Century Humidification by DryMistat, 2 oz. Misting Bottle, Skeeter's Reserve Premium Essence & Instruction Card.

Certified Genuine American Oak Barrel™ Product
Buy With Confidence | Built, sold and serviced by our company American Oak Barrel™ | 90 Day Oak Barrel Warranty | Responsive Customer Care Team for help setting up and maintaining your barrel at 941-227-7357.